First Kit: Real Madrid CF released their new Adidas kits for 2013-2014. As usual the first kit is an all white kit with dark stripes. but instead of blue or black adidas stripes  like last year or the very classy gold stripes of two years ago, the sportswear king have come out with these singular black ones. The one new novelty is the extra orange piping around the collar, sleeves and axilla. It´s certainly new but I´m not sold on the color scheme.

Second Kit: does anyone think that either adidas or José Mourinho had a hand in designing this especially horrid second kit for the club? Other than the shirt sponsor and the badge, oh and let´s not forget that rather obtrusive orange piping on  the side, this is a Chelsea FC kit. Now I´m not a huge fan of away kits in general, other than the all-black kit that Real Madrid played in a few years ago, this one is especially putrid. It´s no insult on the Blues, but Real Madrid don´t need to borrow anyone else´s history.

Third Kit: well, it certainly is a year of diminishing returns. I´d give the first kit a B+ grade, more for its intention than its execution. The third hit is a solid C; not entirely original or expected for Real Madrid, but people´d buy it, maybe as an ironic statement with Mou moving to West London, but the third kit is Valdano´s last curse. It´s ¨shit-on-a-stick¨ as he referred to Rafa Benitez´s Liverpool, but I think we can use it for this. It´s mustard I believe but no mustard I´ve ever seen at the deli counter, and quite frankly other than Wolverhampton fans looking for a La Liga club, who would buy this moldy piece of lunch-meat spread? It´s a boring set-piece, a dearth of originality in this year´s batch of kit-wear.

Overall Grade: B-

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