Could it be that RCD Espanyol is on the verge of being sold in the near future? seems to think so. I know that the club have had offers before. A few years ago the club were studying amplifying their foreign investments and allying themselves with the Pozzo family that owns Udinese. They instead invested in Granada and what is essentially the Udinese B that has circumvented the rules of playing in the first division and are getting their players first division experience playing in another country.

More recently, the club negotiated with an investment group that had ties to the Chinese government, but that fell by the wayside, and then came two serious bids in the last few months alone. The first is an offer from a Georgia magnate who also owns Dynamo Tblisi. His name is Roman Pipia, and while he isn't as well connected as another Roman (Abramovich), the magnate certainly has enough wealth and backing to offer economic backing to the club. While all was in place, and the Paris based businessman toured the facilities and looked at the books, no firm offer came. Ditto for an offer from a Qatari group that seemed very close to buying in January and February. The club had deep pockets and were also interested in business and hotels in the area near Cornella but nothing since.

Sport are assuring that the club's investors are very cautious about selling a controlling interest, or even giving up complete control to a new ownership group, unless all of the club's debt were taken care of, that investment in the squad and the facilities would continue, and that the club could be left in good hands.

Could this be the dawning of a new era in the city of Barcelona? The infrastructure is in place. The club's player development is second to none in Spain. The stadium is top-notch; a UEFA ready stadium and a jewel in the eyes of pericos world-wide. The footballing division is experienced and they have one of the best young coaches in all of Spain. To my untrained, and yes frankly biased eye, this looks to me like a better investment than even Malaga for a group with deep pockets and an eye to compete in Spain. Wouldn't it be great to see what City did to United in Manchester this year happen to FC Barcelona in their own backyard?

I think it'd great

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